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Justice and Equity

Living in the Questions

Intentional Evolution


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  • Directly responsible for raising more than $80,000,000 via grants, events, sponsorships and earned revenue, plus more than $25,000,000 in in-kind

  • Durfee Fellow and Mentor for emerging organizations

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  • Hourly: $200-$300 depending on your organization's budget

  • Monthly/weekly retainer rates

If I can't help you, I will attempt to refer you to a trusted colleague.

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Organizational StartUps & TuneUps (1 - 6 months: weekly or bi-weekly sessions)

    • Advice, resources and referrals to lay track for emerging nonprofits or get existing organizations on track. Guidance to avoid pitfalls, fix problems, and improve functionality and results from Operations to Development, and everything in between.

CEO / ED Coaching (ad hoc, weekly or monthly sessions)

    • No one understands your experience (and pain points) better than another nonprofit CEO. Let's cut to the chase, get real, and be proactive to address your organization's needs... and yours.

Workplace Culture Assessment (with a team) (6 - 18 months)

    • Phase One

        • identify/establish core values and goals for your workplace

        • Utilize observation, interviews, focus groups and surveys to analyze current workplace culture for alignment with values

        • Provide recommendations for short, mid, and long term improvements

    • Phase Two

      • Coaching and facilitation to support culture change and realignment, including trust-building and systems development to support "walking the talk" from the boardroom to the front lines of service

Board Culture, Structure and Efficacy (1 - 6 months)

    • Maximize these valuable volunteers' time, effort and functionality to produce the outcomes your organization needs

    • Further engage and activate your board

    • Reset your committee structure

    • Establish working relationships between your BOD and senior staff

    • Plan and execute a retreat

Strengthening Resource Development Capacity (1 - 6 months)

    • How to optimize your organization's development and fundraising efforts. What staff positions, softwares, campaigns, events, and messaging will help your fundraising evolve to the next level?

Speechwriting and Public Speaking for the Nonprofit CEO (ad hoc)

    • I can help you prepare for speaking engagements, live appeals, pitch proposals, and media readiness

CEO / ED Transition Planning & Support (3 - 18 months)

    • Planning and preparation with CEO and BOD for leaders to exit gracefully and to pass the torch with minimal loss of momentum

    • Support with messaging to funders, partners and constituents

    • Preparation for onboarding new leader


Guidance & Support for Individual, Family, Corporate Philanthropy (ad-hoc)

  • Assistance with developing mission, messaging, and giving criteria

  • Assistance with developing staffing structure

  • Assistance with developing grantee vetting and review practices

  • Support in identifying qualified grantees