When all is said and done, we will evaluate our engagement based on the outcomes, deliverables and progress we make toward your goals. Let us also consider the qualities of our interactions, and how they impact you, your colleagues and constituents.

I am grateful to the following colleagues and clients for sharing their observations about my character and work:

“Jonathan brings wisdom, experience, perceptive insight and creative thinking to the non-profit table. Recognizing that each non-profit organization he works with has its own unique culture, Jonathan assesses needs accordingly. No cookie cutter approach here.” - Billie Greer, president, Southern California Leadership Council (Retired)

"Jonathan Zeichner is a game changer. He has facilitated several board retreats for Get Lit-Words Ignite and been my personal advisor and mentor for over ten years. His knowledge, generosity, and kindness are second to none. Running a nonprofit and being an Executive Director can be a lonely thing. We are used to running things (and being the council) but where do we go for restoration, outside perspective, and advice? I go to Jonathan, and he has never let me down. The growth of Get Lit is the result." - Diane Luby Lane, Founder/ED of Get Lit

"Working with Jonathan Zeichner was the best investment I’ve ever made in both my personal professional journey and in the sustainability of our organization. In short, if it weren’t for Jonathan, Wildwoods wouldn’t be here today. It’s that simple. The year that we consulted with Jonathan was a critical turning point for our organization and Jonathan helped us navigate that transition with strategy that was grounded and actionable. And timeless. There’s not a week that goes by when I do not think of at least one thing that I learned from the experience of working with Jonathan." - Dwain Wilson, Founder and Executive Director, Wildwoods

"Jonathan is a rare gem whose nonprofit expertise is exceeded only by his generosity of spirit and compassion for humanity. His invaluable guidance has saved me countless hours that I can instead allocate towards meaningful action." - Ping Ho, MA, MPH Founder and Director, UCLArts & Healing

"Jonathan is among the very best Executives I have worked with in over 31 years of advising highly successful companies and nonprofits. He has the whole package of a clear vision, determination, organization and profound inspirational and speaking gifts. I watched him transform A Place Called Home over a decade into a top-tier dynamic charity in a way that I believe no other leader could." - Peter Gilhuly, partner LATHAM & WATKINS LLP

"Whenever anyone asks me for anything having to do with nonprofit leadership-- programming, strategic planning, operations, fundraising, marketing, event planning, finance, staff and development and leadership--in short, anything--I refer them to Jonathan Zeichner. I had the great good fortune of being mentored by JZ and remain grateful and astonished by his gifts--his unparalleled ability to combine deep compassion, hard-earned wisdom, profound insight and firm but gentle guidance." - Amy Friedman, Founder/former ED of POPS, the Club

"As co-founders of a new and rapidly growing organization, having Jonathan as a thought partner was grounding and rewarding. Jonathan helped us codify what it means to be nonprofit leaders, led us through tough decisions beginning with the structure of our organization all the way through to a ratified Strategic Plan for a sustainable future. Jonathan generously shared his wisdom, clarity, and experience, both as a creative and as a CEO, and guided us to actionable steps at the end of every session, authentically finding joy in the process." - Kate Richards Geller & Leeav Sofer, Co-Directors, Urban Voices Project

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jonathan for many years through Warner Bros.’ partnership with A Place Called Home. Jonathan’s passion and zeal for serving the community of South LA has not changed since the first day I was introduced to him. Jonathan is a visionary leader who sees potential and opportunity where many do not. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see how Jonathan and his team have transformed the neighborhood APCH calls home and continues to serve as a beacon of hope and empowerment for all who pass through their doors." - Sally Chan, CSR & Social Impact Executive | Strategist

"Years ago I had a dream of creating a youth theater program that could be integrated into LAUSD school system — which was devoid of arts education. It was suggested I speak with a fellow, who had created such a program in Venice. After meeting with Jonathan Zeichner for an hour I abandoned my idea and hitched my wagon to his — which was brilliant and highly successful. When JZ took the helm of APCH, I followed. It was a large step forward; exciting and daunting. He embraced the task wholeheartedly, hit the ground running and grew APCH into a success that even his greatest fans couldn’t imagine! An after school educational program that has changed 1000’s of young lives — it should become a national template. I cannot say enough about Jonathan’s character, leadership skills and his unique ability to lead with love, problem solve, inspire and empathize, all combined with amazing business acumen and a contagious amount of positive energy. I am proud to call him my friend." - Pam Dawber

"Jonathan leads with joy and integrity that radiate out to everyone around him. We met Jonathan as the founding director of Inside Out Community Arts, where he was driven by a passion to help young people tell their authentic stories. Jonathan believed then, as he does now, that the arts could be a powerful tool in finding and celebrating one’s identifying while navigating in a complicated world. At A Place Called Home, we have watched Jonathan nurture the organization into a vital resource for South LA youth and their families." - Claire Peeps, Executive Director, Durfee Foundation

As a giving circle, we look to invest in organizations that significantly impact our community. Inviting APCH into our process allowed us to get to know Jonathan Zeichner, an extraordinary change maker, who elevated our process and us all. With Jonathan's insight and connection, our grant made a meaningful difference and gave us the true gift of giving. Jonathan holds a container for others to grow through his authenticity, integrity, and wisdom. I would not hesitate to work with Jonathan in any capacity and look forward to that opportunity. - Mindy Freedman, President and Founder, The SAM Initiative

"I was a long term member of the Board of Directors at A Place Called Home when we were searching for a new CEO to lead the organization. I did not want to resign until I was satisfied that the person had the qualities to set the vision for the organization, to be an effective leader of the staff and possessed strong fundraising credentials, Jonathan was the right man. I resigned from the Board and he was an A plus leader." - Robert Davidow

"I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan during my tenure at Hershey Cause Communications. Jonathan brought a strong skill set to the table when we worked on a communications plan for APCH, including strategic thinking, excellent writing and communication skills and strong project and team management. I can see why APCH thrives under his leadership." - Lotta Rao, Lecturer at Montana State University-Bozeman